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Welcome to the Cyclone CM Series

The Cyclone Carpet machine is the premier Encapsulation machine, but also well suited for cleaning virtually every type of floor surface. A unique feature of Cimex rotary cleaning machines is the patented three-head mechanism, incorporating a counter rotating planetary system, which not only ensures a more thorough cleaning action, but also allows greater operational control with a torqueless action. This three-head system makes the operator's task much easier as it eliminates the tendency to "slide" which can be encountered with a single head machine.

Deep cleaning Planetary action,cleans all sides of the fiber in a single pass Ideal for under desks and residential carpets Non fatigue operations, no kick action like single head machines Unique planetary agitation eliminates tearing carpet seams and edges Floating brushes provide effective cleaning action Reversing brush action extends brush life Non-marking wheels for a truly professional finish Triple brush action prevents cable snagging Solution delivered through brush centers to reduce splashing Non-clog solution valve for uninterrupted operation Belt drive for quiet operation, ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and schools Extensive range of brushes and pads available, covering all tasks from cleaning carpets or uneven surfaces to polishing of hard floors No "bloom" rings or halo effects Central motor for even brush pressure








19 inch cleaning path